Experience Design & Communication


A new Branding, inspiring a new phase, even more digital and upcoming. For those who create music. And who uses it?

Living music, in all its expressions.

In all brand experiences. From a new digital services platform to vibrant communication.


With an extensive process of immersion and discovery, we trace the journeys of ECAD’s two main audiences. So, from the outset, the site presents itself to those who: “use music” and “make music”.

Here, then, were the main service sections for the site. But something was missing.



Now, the most complete ranking of songs played throughout Brazil is part of a library open to the entire public, who get to know the role of the institution in a much more engaging way.


Design System

Digital Content

The universe of music was our inspiration.

And telling this story, of a brand as fundamental as it is vast, opened an inexhaustible collection for our own compositions. Mixing genres, messages, dates, facts, artists, notes, services and everything else that touched the hearts of those who followed ECAD on social media.

Ancar Ivanhoe