Branding & Communication

Shopping Pátio Paulista

Rethinking the strategy and communication of such a representative icon of a city is never an easy challenge.

But what made the work difficult was also its solution: embracing even more fully the elements that make Pátio Paulista a part of São Paulo’s history.


New Concept


All the elements used in the Branding reconstruction were already there. What we did was look more closely and find the details that would be able to connect the rich history of the enterprise with the current values it represents.


Inspired by all the art and diversity that surround Pátio Paulista, and by the features of its own architecture, the communication brings together what is historical and what is contemporary.

The location so representative of its personality, the pulsating multiplicity of the country’s largest metropolis make its identity “Paulista in every sense.”


Jardim Urbano