Branding & Communication

Terraço Botafogo

A gift for those who love Rio.

A gift for those who love Rio. This was the concept we created, and it inspired the entire Branding and launch campaign for the new Botafogo Praia Shopping space, with one of the most impressive views of the city. It really is worth every step.


Known and mocked for its countless stairs, Botafogo Praia Shopping turned a weakness into a strength.

Yes, the stairs are still there, and now give access to one of the most privileged views in the entire city: Terraço Botafogo, which uses the steps and the 9th floor as graphic elements to build an identity full of personality, like its regulars. 



Who better embodies the personality of the Botafogo neighborhood than the regulars of the Botafogo neighborhood? They are the real stars of the space launch campaign that has already become a success.